Termite Pest Control Services in Mumbai

Termites, also commonly known as white ants, destroy valuable property, documents, furniture and furnishing; anything that contains cellulose. They do this silently and swiftly, even before you become aware of the damage done. Termites infest and breed underground, in the soil. They crawl up through the minute cracks and crevices in the foundation and the walls of your building.

As they march forward, they build mud channels to provide themselves with darkness and higher humidity, which they require to survive. When you notice such marks on your walls it is an indication that your house is under attack from termites. We have provided Termite control services to more than 5,000 buildings in Mumbai, more than any other pest control company. We have two services for Termite Control.

Termites are one of the most prominent pest problems. We offer you the most reliable and safe termite control services. We provide both Pre and Post constructional Structures. Treatment conform as per IS 6313 (Part 2): 2001 and IS 6313 (Part 3): 2001 for Pre and Post-Constructional chemical treatment.

Pre constructional Treatment: This service provides injecting a chemical emulsion for preconstructional anti termite treatment practices for creating a chemical barrier under & around the column pits, wall trenches, basement excavation, top surface of plinth filling, junction of wall & floor along the external perimeter of building, expansion joints, surroundings of pipes & conduits etc.

Post Construction treatment: This service can be availed as curative measures for existing structures which have not availed termite protection at the time of construction. The treatment comprise of drilling holes at the wall and floor junction level and filling it after pumping in sufficient quantity of miticide. This ensures a continuous chemical barrier for termites to make an entry and protect the treated structure.

What is Anti-Termite Treatment and How is it done?

Subterranean Termites dwell in the soil to protect themselves from the open air. They build huge colonies underground and burrow their way to find food. The Subterranean Termites can travel through brick walls, floor joints, construction joints, flooring surface, conduits and masonry work to reach their source of food. Subterranean Termite colony can survive of years and the population of the colony can be in millions! At HyKill Mumbai we are well adept in dealing with the threat of Termites. Our Anti-Termite solution includes:

What is Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment?

In this phase the soil around the foundation and below the flooring structure is treated with Insecticide to prevent the growth and spread of Termites. The Anti-Termite Treatment of the soil kills and repels the termite, forming an anti-termite barrier. Since this treatment is done in a very early stages it completely prevents the formation of ground termite infestation in the structure. HyKill has been providing Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment for some of the leading Developers and Real Estate Companies in Mumbai.

What is Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment?

In this treatment, Anti-Termite solution is applied to the existing building. In this treatment the soil around the building structure and foundation is treated with Anti-Termite solution. Holes are drilled at appropriate distances along the wall and these holes are injected with termiticide solution. The holes are subsequently sealed.

Termite Pre-Inspection

Before our Termite inspection begins you are notified well in advance so that you have ample time to clear up all the clutter. It is important to have clear access to all the walls, from inside and outside and from top to bottom.

Termite Inspection

Our experts look for any direct and indirect evidence of the presence of Termites. Our experienced Termite Pest Control Experts take into account all the parameters such as the location of the property, type of property [residential housing colony, standalone bungalows, shops, commercial estate, hotel/restaurants, godowns, industrial areas etc.], types of goods/material in the property, climatic conditions, local history of termites in the area, etc. A Termite Inspection can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the size of the property. Ideally apartments [1-BHK, 2-BHK, 3BHK etc.] take less than one hour, Godowns, showrooms and Industrial and Manufacturing units can take a couple of hours or even more.

Customized Termite Treatment Plan

Based on the above factors a detailed report and a customized treatment plan is created for your property. Since the above mentioned factors vary from property to property, we provide customized Termite Pest Control Services.