Bedbugs Pest Control Services in Mumbai

Bedbugs belong to family Cimicidae. Three species of bedbug attack people. Out of these, most important is Cimex lectularius. Bedbugs are blood-suckers commonly found in motels, hostels or boarding houses. Mode of Transmission: It is transported with luggage, clothing and other articles, but not on the person. Life Cycle: 1st egg, then five nymphal stages before becoming an adult. The adults and nymphs live in their harborage area to feed every 2 to 3 days. They feed for 3 to 5 minutes at night, in the early morning hours, before returning to their harborage area, usually located within a few meters from their feeding area. Bed bugs can survive for long periods without a blood meal. Mode of Feeding: Bed bug injects an anti-coagulant into bloodstream of its host, which prevents blood clotting. This allows the bed bug to suck out the blood until it is fully engorged.

HyKill Pest Control Measures:

Spray treatment is required for bedbug control. Household pesticides are used for the treatment. As the egg of bedbugs are resistant to chemicals, spray treatment is repeated within a fortnight to treat the hatchlings for complete relief by eradicating the second generation also.

How Is Bed Bugs Control Services Done?

  • We will thoroughly inspect & spray all areas including beds, bedsheets to kill all hidden bed bugs.
  • Inspection of furniture and mattresses to determine the best solution
  • We would expose the beds to direct sun light to dry the wetness.
  • We will also inspect & spray the wardrobe, walls and wherever the infestation is found.
  • Maximum time taken for infestation removal would be 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Our skilled professionals are experts locating the hidden bed bug spots which are injected with bed bug killer chemicals.
  • NOTE - After the treatment please vacate the house immediately for at least 5-6 hours
  • The results will be achieved within 3 - 4 days.
  • We offer a call-out service to deal with Bed bugs and other pest problems in home & offices. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

Preparation Prior To Treatment Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are one of the hardest insects to treat and treatments will only work if the preparation has been done correctly.

  • The bed sheets & curtains must be removed & washed. The room(s) to be treated must be vacuumed & cleaned.
  • The drawers & wardrobes must be emptied & the clothes only re-introduced to the rooms once they have been washed or tumble dried.
  • The treatment will fail if the room is full of clutter. The rooms must be clear of toys, books, boxes, bags, posters etc.
  • Be careful not to put any of these objects into other rooms as you may spread the infestation.
  • Objects in the room that cannot be either washed, tumble dried or sprayed with the insecticide (books, shoes, cd’s, Bags etc) must be put in a freezer overnight. This should be done before putting objects back into a treated room.

Bed bugs usually only infest rooms that are slept in & we recommend treating any adjoining bed rooms to the infested room. They can lay dormant for up to 12 months so be careful with any objects removed & then re introduced back into a bedroom within this time frame.

If you are going to replace a bed or mattress either do this prior to treatment or once your are sure the treatment has worked & all bed bugs have been eradicated.