Cockroach Pest Control Services in Mumbai

Being a Responsible & Committed Cockroach Pest Control Service Provider in Mumbai Lately we have observed that Cockroaches are developing resistance to traditional pesticides & insecticides. And household cockroach pest control methods are proving to be less effective. This is pushing cockroach pest service providers in cities like Mumbai, to use harsh chemicals and unscientific methods to control the cockroaches which can have serious consequences for humans and environment. Moreover traditional cockroach pest control methods like fumigation and spraying of toxic chemicals, means you cannot use the kitchen and your house for several hours as you have to shut them close. The surfaces sprayed with the toxic solution are not safe to touch either.

This is where Hykill Cockroach Pest Control Services Mumbai has an advantage over its competitors. As a Trusted Provider of Cockroach Pest Control Service in Mumbai, we incorporate our proprietary Cockroach Gel Pest Control Method to neutralize the Cockroach menace. Given our experience as the best provider of Herbal Pest Control Service in Mumbai, for cockroach control – we have developed our own Fipronil [0.05% w/w] based “Herbal” Cockroach Pest Control Gel that effectively gets rid of Cockroaches. The proprietary “Herbal Gel” is developed keeping in view the biology and behaviour patterns of Cockroaches and safety of humans and environment.

Application of the Cockroach Pest Control Gel

Hykill team of trained Cockroach pest control professionals will apply the gel in the areas that Cockroaches use, like kitchen storage, trolleys, cupboard, crockery racks, crevices, appliances, etc.

Benefits of the Cockroach Pest Control Gel

  • No displacement of utensils in the kitchen
  • No need to close/vacate the home during/after the application of the Herbal Gel
  • The Premises / Area will be 100% free from cockroaches for longer time

Why go Herbal?

We all know the dangers of and the harsh side-effects of the chemical-based pest control methods & solutions on humans, pets and the environment. Continued use of chemical-based pest control solutions can lead to serious health conditions & deterioration of the environment. Herbal [Or Organic/Eco-Friendly] Cockroach Pest Control Services on the contrary has no side-effects, kills cockroaches, and is formulated from ingredients that are biodegradable.

Why are Cockroaches such a Menace & Threat

  • Cockroaches can survive without food for 30 days!
  • A cockroach can survive for a week without its head!
  • Cockroaches can survive without breathing for 40 minutes!
  • Cockroaches can attain a speed of 3 miles per hour!
  • A newborn cockroach becomes adult in just 36 days!