Rat Pest Control Services in Mumbai

We at HyKill assist residential and commercial customers throughout India for rodent & rat-related problems. Our rodent control services include the removal of mice, rats etc.

We as a professional rat control service provider will assist you in determining the core cause of the infestation and preventing rats from returning in the future.

The majority of rodent problems may be handled with periodic treatments. We can provide monthly or bi-monthly services pest control for rats for severe infestations.

If you see any of the typical rat indications like rat droppings, scratching noises, rat holes etc and suspect that you have rats on your property or within your house, contact HyKill for rat control professional at +91 9082812758 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of the Rat Pest Control

  • 100% solution for rat control, removal & treatments
  • Live rat trapping
  • Dead rat removal
  • Rat dropping, cleanup and sanitation services
  • 24/7 available @ +91 9082812758 to discuss your rat problem

Rodent Control Treatment

Rats are highly reproductive animals. They are responsible for damage to machineries in food processing units, hospitals, theatres, electrical wiring in planetarium and aircrafts. Damage: They gnaw through wood, tin and aluminum and cause damage to clothes, pillow and mattresses. They gnaw insulation of electrical wires exposing them to short circuit and its hazards. They damage grain storage structures resulting in considerable loss. They transmit more than 131 diseases.

Techniques & Methods For Rodent Control

1. Rodents Proofing

Proofing refers to blocking the ways for Rodents to enter by putting up guards on the drainpipes. The access of rodents in the area is restricted through this Rodent Control technique.

2. Trapping Rodent Trapping Method

The Snap traps or sticky boards are placed on the runways as traps to catch the rodents. This is a useful pest control method for rats when there are a small number of rats in the building. It is generally done for the indoors but can also be carried out for sensitive areas outdoor.

3. Rodent Baiting Service

The baits are placed on the runways of the rodents to lure them out. Baits can also be placed in other places where they frequently come. The baits are laced with medicines that can make the rodents die and they are caught and driven away from the property in such a state. It is a best pest control method for rats that can be perform at home

4. Pest Control Checkup & Inspections

The team from company will check up the next day to assess the results of their rodent control services. They will throw the dead rats on the dumping grounds or bury them away safely.

5. Placement of Rodent Bait Station

It is a crucial aspect of the mechanical and chemical pest control for rats. It is a metal box of rectangular shape where the sticky board or the bait for the rats are kept safely.

6. Rat Guard Installation

These are galvanized and powder coated metal sheets that are fixed properly over the drainpipes. It does not let the rats climb over the drainpipes and enter the premises to damage the valuable goods that we have and contaminate our food. If you want to apply this method to stop them from entering in your property then contact us. we provide safe rodent control service in Mumbai & near cities.

7. Rat Glue Trap

Red Glue Tap is set in the rodent’s path and in the direction of travel to catch the rodents. Our rodent control treatment can quickly and effectively eliminate these pests from your space in no time!